“Welcome to Get Ahead Schools, where “you belong here” is not just a phrase but a heartfelt commitment to every student and parent who joins our educational family.”

As the Executive Head of Get Ahead Schools, it fills me with immense joy to extend a warm and enthusiastic welcome to all students, parents, and staff. Our vision of “making every child feel worthy and validated” is at the core of our identity, driving every decision we make. We celebrate diversity and individuality, ensuring that each student knows they are valued and cherished in our supportive and inclusive community.

We believe in empowering our students by unlocking their unique strengths, building the confidence they need to navigate life’s challenges with determination and grace. With a strong emphasis on Christian values encompassing love, respect, and honesty, we create an environment that fosters personal growth and character development alongside academic excellence.

At Get Ahead Schools, we take pride in our innovative approach to education. We understand the importance of preparing our students for a rapidly changing world beyond school walls. That’s why we have embraced cutting-edge teaching methods and introduced forward-thinking initiatives that equip our students with practical skills for the future.

Our Makerspace Room in each primary school allows students the freedom to explore and learn through hands-on experiences, fostering a spirit of curiosity and creativity. In our College, the 4iR Classroom takes innovation to the next level, engaging students in coding, robotics, 3D printing, app development, and drone flying. We believe in nurturing enquiring minds from an early age, ensuring our students are well-prepared for the exciting challenges of the modern world.

We deeply value and appreciate parents’ feedback and input as it plays a pivotal role in shaping our decision making at Get Ahead. We promise to provide a nurturing environment where your child is supported every step of the way.

Since 1996, Get Ahead Schools has stood the test of time as an independent educational institution serving the communities of Komani and Whittlesea. Our legacy of excellence is further enriched by our partnership with the esteemed Leacock Foundation from Toronto, Canada.

Thank you for choosing Get Ahead Schools as your partner in your child’s educational journey. We look forward to embarking on this exciting adventure together.

– Vicki du Preez

Executive Head